Thank you

Dear Year 5,

On behalf of the Year 5 teaching team, I wanted to say thank you so much to you and your families for your kind words and generous gifts. They are much appreciated. It has been our absolute privilege to be able to teach you not once but twice during your time at Wroxham. You are all delightful and we have loved our time with you.

Please come and visit us next year and remember to keep on reading. Have a brilliant summer.

Mrs Easey x

Final Forest School

We spent our final forest school building a bonfire from the branches and wood removed from the big pond area. You all worked brilliantly together to ensure that the wood was the correct size to go on the bonfire.  We finished the session by toasting marshmallows and having a little sing song.  What a team! Here are some photos :




Greek Laurel Wreaths

Today, we learnt about the history behind Greek laurel wreaths. Traditionally, this would be horseshoe shaped and made from olive twigs and would be worn on the head. The Greek god Apollo wore one on his head. In Ancient Greece, wreaths were given to special people such as winners of sports events. Today they are still presented at the Olympics which, of course, originated in Ancient Greece. We made our own wreaths from leaves, branches, bark and twigs in Forest School.


Tremendous triangles

Today, we have explored the theory of the ancient Greek, Euclid. Euclid discovered that the triangle was the strongest shape and used this information to influence architecture in ancient Greece. We investigated the rigidity of various shapes and then tried reinforcing then by adding triangles. Here are some photos:

Greek Day

We have had a fantastic Greek day. This morning we made Greek pots from clay, started to create Hoplite soldiers and learnt about the Greek alphabet. This afternoon, we went into Master Chef mode and followed instructions to make and present houmous. Here are just a few photos…

Let’s go ride a bike…

Some of the children have been working with teachers from Bikeability this week to prepare for passing their cycling proficiency test. Both Foggy and Monica, the trainers, have been so impressed with how kind and polite the children have been.  Well done everyone! Here are a few photos from Monday when the children were working on the playground…

Forest School

We have started the very big job of clearing the old pond area ready for our new project. On Monday, we removed lots of dead wood and weeds- it took us all day! We were very impressed by how well the children worked as a team, supporting and guiding each other as well as the adults. Brilliant Year 5!

A nice cup of tea…

Year 5 spent last Tuesday afternoon thinking about the scientific processes involved in making a cup of tea. They thought about changes of state, the structures of types of mixture, the properties of particular materials like milk and processes such as dissolving. They wrote about the order of the process, included their observations and explained their findings using scientific terminology. Most of them enjoyed drinking their investigation too!


Messy materials

Year 5 have been exploring the properties of the three states of matter; solids, liquids and gases. In forest school, the class investigated a non-Newtonian fluid, so called because the material does not behave in way predicted by the scientist Sir Isaac Newton. The children mixed cornflour and water, and tested it’s reactions to being pushed and hit. They then added natural materials to see if the reactions changed.