National Maritime Museum

We had a brilliant day at the National Maritime Museum. After a short stroll around Greenwich Park, we enjoyed a Viking workshop, followed by an interactive map experience and a wander around some of the exhibits.

img_1495 img_1496 img_1497 img_1498 img_1499 img_1500 img_1501 img_1502 img_1503 img_1505 img_1507 img_1508 img_1510 img_1511 img_1512 img_1513 img_1515 img_1516 img_1517 img_1518 img_1519 img_1520 img_1521 img_1522 img_1523 img_1524 img_1525 img_1526 img_1527 img_1528 img_1531 img_1532 img_1533 img_1534 photo-1-2 photo-1 photo-2-2 photo-2 photo-3-2 photo-3 photo-4

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