Not so naughty knitting…

This term, year 5 are learning to knit with the help of Lyn and Julia from the University of Hertfordshire, along with Mrs Earley. Today, we learnt the basic knit stitch. We will be doing some exciting things with our knitting, which will be revealed at a later date, as well as making something for a good cause. Here are a few photos of the children concentrating very hard! 


2 thoughts on “Not so naughty knitting…

  1. Hello everyone! So great to see all the photos! I was so excited thinking about all the knitted possibilities, i couldn’t get to sleep. In fact, tonight, i am getting out my own needles to start some knitting too! See you all soon, Mrs Earley

  2. This is so wonderful to see. Well done for making time in a crowded curriculum for this craft which is important in its own right as well as having so many other benefits. I ran a popuar knitting club at my own school for many years but think that it is even more valuable for all children as part of normal class time activities.

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